Established in 2006, RFC Precision Machine Limited has grown into one of the best manufacturers of precision parts and is located in Shenzhen. We continue to expand to serve a number of industries both locally and internationally. With over a decade of experience as an investment casting manufacturer, we make components of higher quality than many comparable parts vendors.

RFC Precision Machine Limited Products

Among our production areas are the following:

Using the investment castings technique can reduce component weight and, in some situations, eliminate the need for costly machining. As a leading investment casting manufacturer, we make components using both gravity-fed and vacuum casting techniques. We can provide exceptional net shape or near-net shape parts that require little or no finish work.

As an investment casting manufacturer, we are able to cast large designs with intricate details and sophisticated profiles because it provides a high degree of creative flexibility. We work with a diverse spectrum of ferrous and nonferrous alloys, as well as exotic and heat-resistant materials.

We can process low and high volume orders and keep component inventory on call-off orders to meet any just-in-time delivery schedule. We have experience in a wide range of industries and can meet the challenges of almost any project.

Why Choose Us

We are a renowned investment casting manufacturer whose comprehensive investment casting capabilities generate high-quality solutions that are tailored to each of our customers' unique and specialized requirements. From conception to completion, our management team and talented engineers work hard to give the finest service possible while keeping production costs under control.

Our trusted organization consistently delivers high-quality outcomes with tight tolerances and speedy turnarounds. We serve several industries including optical communications, connectors, Auto Parts, military, medical, aviation, transportation, SMT, computer, automated machinery, mold, electrical appliances, and other industries.

Our pricing is also affordable and we never charge more than the required amount for our products. We are customer-oriented thus maintain a fair and reasonable pricing and you don't have to worry about getting scammed since our payment methods are secure.

We seek to meet our client satisfaction goals by keeping our commitments and conducting business ethically and responsibly. Our staff is dedicated to our job and the success of our customers by completing it fully. We also make it a point to pay close attention to detail, search for methods to improve on previous actions, and think outside the box in all aspects of our organization. You can relax when you choose us because all of our services comply with strict quality management standards, ensuring that we give nothing but the finest!


No matter where you are, we are just a phone call away. Just reach out to us, our support staff are friendly and more than willing to help. Engage us if you are looking for the best investment casting manufacturer. RFC Precision Machine Limited is at your service.

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